One for the bucket list: Territory Day

imageQuite simply, Territory Day is a day when you get to ‘blow shit up for five hours’.

The day is a day of self-governance celebrations. On 1 July 1978 the NT became its own Territory and has been telling the States to piss off ever since.

It’s a day where fireworks are legal. Pop up fireworks stores appear EVERYWHERE on July 1 and fireworks can be set off anywhere from 6pm – parties, parks, street corners, functions, ANYWHERE.

This is year I’m celebrating the extraordinary way of living life in the NT in Alice Springs. July 1 coincides with the Alice Spings show this year, one of the best country shows I’ve ever been to, if not the best. Big, friendly crowds, an assortment of activities, great facilities, and with the incredible backdrop of the great MacDonnell Ranges.

I’ve been listening to BANG, BANG, WIZZZZZ, CRACK, BANG since 4pm. The Alice Springs night sky has been filled with joyous colours and patterns, laughter and excited screams for hours. Sure, people get hurt, things catch fire, and people drink too much, but Territory Day is a wonderful experience. It’s friendly and slightly insane and has to be seen to be believed.

It is a undoubtedly a bucket list activity. Put it on your list. And, while you’re at it, add Alice Springs to the list.